I'm interested!

27 - 28 March

What's this all about?

Alloverse is building an open source ecosystem for collaboration in VR, empowering anyone to build their own functional 3D apps to furnish the metaverse.

To prove that we're able to do just that, you're invited to join us in a low-stakes, fully online "dress rehearsal" VR Jam. We're bringing people together to combine skills and ideas, with the goal of testing Alloverse by creating virtual apps that can promote collaboration in VR. Some examples may include:

  • A social game
  • Mind-mapping
  • Post-it notes
  • Anything related to language translation
  • Speech-to-text/subtitling
  • Screen sharing
  • A simple pomodoro timer

Anything goes! No project is too big or too small.

Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of skill set or -level! The Alloverse team aim to provide you with all the knowledge and tools to assist you with everything you need, but if you're curious, you can check out our getting started guide

As small token of our gratitude, we'll send you an Alloverse t-shirt after the event has concluded (once they're out of the print shop)! Thanks in advance!

What you need to know

  • The event will be taking place online from ~14:00 Saturday to ~17:00 Sunday, March 27-28. All times are in CET.
  • No previous experience required - ideally, we want people with all kinds of skill sets- and levels.
  • We currently support coding apps in CC#, Swift or lua. The latter is strongly suggested, as it has the best support.
  • After signing up, join the #VR-Jam channel of our Discord. That's a great place to discuss ideas, ask questions and get updates.


Meetup in the #Jam-general channel

  • Q&A
  • Sharing of ideas, forming and naming of teams, etc
  • Contestants get assigned a Virtual Place where they can hang out and view the app under construction.

Hacking begins!

Deadline and hand-in

Hands off! :D


5 minutes per team, followed by a break for judges' deliberation.

"Award ceremony"

A huge shoutout for the favourite app, celebrations and thank-you:s. :)